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Each to Each EP

Each to Each

Five true stories about imperfect, occasionally violently broken love and survival, each with at least a glimmer of the hope that pulled Amber through when she was in the middle of it. (Of course, sometimes, you have to squint to catch that glimmer...or give up just a little...)

The initial recording sessions for the Each to Each EP took place at the world famous London Bridge studios before moving to Soul Kitchen, the studio of producer Mark Clem (Blanco y Negro, Post Adolescence). The tracks were then sent off to RFI Mastering to be mastered by Ed Brooks (Death Cab For Cutie, R.E.M., Pearl Jam).

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  • Amber Bird - Vocals
  • Jason Cope - Guitar, Keys
  • Johnny Straube - Bass
  • Ben Crosby - Drums
  • All lyrics by Amber Bird
  • All music by Varnish

Track Listing

  1. Believe It     Lyrics   About
  2. Not Complaining     Video   Lyrics   About
  3. Bruise Me     Video   Lyrics   About
  4. Slipping     Lyrics   About
  5. Tied to My Chair     Lyrics   About

Release Date: 16 December, 2014

The Road To Release

Here are the little tidbits we posted for you leading up to and just after release.