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21 December: About Tied to My Chair

Ending up the random song tidbits with Tied to My Chair.


  • There's an alternate version of the song that we occasionally play with that starts with a fuse being lit and ends with an explosion. Whereas the normal version, per the vision in my head, starts with an explosion and ends spent and nearly breathless.
  • Remember that second guitarist who tried jamming with us (note: it turns out I donít really like jamming as much as some people) and had a theory about Bruise Me? One night, he walked in on Jason and I working on that very different version of the song...same words, same melody, but different tempo and tone...He was shocked to realise that, "whoah...this is a sexy song." Yes, it sure can be. Never think that the presence of violence means the absence of sex...
  • Because, sometimes, there's that person you start out wanting to just smack. You are sure you know better than to be at all interested. You are surely on paths that ensure you will crash and burn each other. And, somewhere in the process of eradicating them from your life, you suddenly find that the last thing you want is them gone. That they can't be close enough. (Whether or not this is a purely physical thing or there are emotions involved, well, I'll leave that up to you and your life to decide.) But you have to make a choice...risk destruction with them or take them out of the picture...Both paths can be so tempting, non?
  • Unfortunately, I've got a very clear vision for the video for this song. It came to me in a dream, and would be a big, at the moment, it's not clear when we'll be able to do the video for this. But, hey, if we don't manage a video, I'll just have to write a story (short story? novel?) of cyberpunk, sexy sabotage. Rawr!

(Same invitation as on the previous songs: Hear something else in this song? Find us online and tell us what you hear. I'm always curious. And you've got every right to find your own meaning in the song. It's not done until other people find themselves in it.)

And those are the songs on this album. Thanks for having a listen, for having a read...Keep your eyes peeled for those remaining videos!