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2014-12-07 Pics Or It Didn't Happen

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Due to popular demand, this is going to be a "making of" about the Bruise Me video. I'll keep it short-ish and throw in what pictures I can (there were plenty, but we were asked not to make public the location at which we filmed). The "popular demand" was more just people saying they wanted to hear about it. If I missed some particular thing you were dying to know, drop me a note. I've been trying to work on my mind reading powers, but I'm still not quite a pro yet. Heh!

It's crazy the time that goes into making a video that isn't even 3 minutes long. It might also be crazy how very uninteresting all the planning would be to you. Fortunately, I enjoyed the planning. I'm a sucker for some good planning, especially when the people I'm working with are such a pleasure.

The actual filming took a long, full day. Hours and hours of paint and a chilly room and the same song on repeat (good thing we could all agree it's a good one!). And I pretty much loved it completely. We kept it small: me, the cinematographer Guido Ronge, the gaffer Dennis Hollyfield, and then a longer-than-intended bit of time with Jon McClintock strangling me and Melissa Medler snapping some pictures and throwing paint at me. I wore borrowed sweatpants that one of the guys had in their car. We blasted songs to make things bounce in speakers and hoped the neighbours wouldn't complain. We made liberal use of plastic and cleaning supplies to make sure none of our paint touched carpet or walls. We ate unexpectedly expensive sandwiches. We fussed about things like inconsistent paint viscosity, glitter escaping the plastic and paper area we'd set up, and whether my fringe was more pieces in the last take. We improvised and tried out things that weren't on the shot list when something looked potentially cool to one of us. And, once we felt like we'd captured enough good video, we packed it up and shipped it off to editor Paul Hawxhurst. (I feel bad that Paul's hours of work probably weren't as fun as ours...) Got it? Good! Now, pictures, in chronological order...including some that show you the lengths we went to in keeping the finale's paint-shaking mess contained.

Amber being stalked by the camera

Paul and Amber make paint puddles for her hands

Paul films Amber squishing in paint whilst a monitor looks on

Amber holds the slate in preparation for a foot shot

Dropping stars in paint at Amber's feet

Amber considers the shot list

Amber on the monitor, commenting on the next shot

Melissa splatters Amber with paint

Jon strangles Amber

Amber with layers of plastic around her

Amber with layers of plastic around her (picture 2)

The paint-spattered dress at the end of the night

Amber's paint-spattered face and towel-wrapped hair at the end of the night


Let's do this again soon, guys!

As always, I'm here to hear your thoughts and requests. Drop me an email, lovely.


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