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17 December: About Believe It

We thought that sharing a little random something on each song might be a cool way to celebrate the release of Each to Each. I'll post in track order, so I don't have to make any choices about which to post when. Hurrah for freedom from hard choices!

First up, Believe It.


Random tidbits:

  • This order amuses me a bit because we've always felt this was a great way to end a set.
  • This was the first song I wrote where I felt like the hope in it was obvious. Which led to a moment where I told the band that I thought it was a happy song and they all gave me confused looks.
  • Maybe "happy" was a strong word...But there's something incredibly fulfilling about someone who believes you. Someone who sees your reality, however off the reality of others, and believes it. Who knows the truth of you, which isn't always easy, and doesn't deny it. Someone willing to take a chance on you, in spite of that reality. Someone worth fighting for, even if you've got every reason to believe you can't win.
  • If things go according to schedule, and that's always questionable when it comes to art, the video for this will be the third one we post from the songs on this album.

(Hear something else in this song? Find us online and tell us what you hear. I'm always curious. And you've got every right to find your own meaning in the song. It's not done until other people find themselves in it.)