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18 December: About Not Complaining

Day two, so it's time for a tidbit about Not Complaining.

2015-01-01: Updated to add in the video we promised below!

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Random tidbits:

  • Because most of our songs are a little faster and angrier, this one was sort of a surprise to me. But a welcome surprise, because I'm eclectic and didn't want to end up a one-trick pony. (Plus, to my additional surprise, even my mum liked this one. Something that meant more to me when she passed away.)
  • This is the first full song I learned as I've been working on guitar. That it was one of our songs and not somebody else's I learned first felt pretty cool to me. (Don't worry, I still think you're cool if you started by learning someone else's. That's the way most the cool kids did it.)
  • This was a song the bandmates could actually agree was a happy song. Even so, it's not free of the dark bits. Because, even if my reality doesn't look like yours, I can ignore it. The reality is that sometimes "perfect" just means "your broken bits are ones I'm able to handle" or "how lovely that the good at least equals the bad in this one." It can be a surprise in a life full of messes...especially nice when you had no reason to believe that it would last more than one small piece of your life.
  • The video for this song is well underway. Barring disaster, this will be the second video we post.

(Same invitation as on the previous song: Hear something else in this song? Find us online and tell us what you hear. I'm always curious. And you've got every right to find your own meaning in the song. It's not done until other people find themselves in it.)