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2016-09-14 Other Output

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A number of outside factors have slowed down Varnish's output. We're still working; we're just not producing things as quickly as we were before. Hopefully, that won't be the case for long...

But, even in the slow, there are two things we'd love to tell you about. Hopefully, there will be more Varnish-specific things to share in the near future.

Peace Fire

Some of you may know that Amber writes things other than lyrics. For instance, she's written a sci-fi novel that's due out 11 October. (You can keep up with Amber's extra-Varnish activities in all the usual ways. Find links and more on her web site.)

After reading the description of the book, one keen person sent Amber a message to ask whether a particular Vanish song were the theme song of the book...That wasn't really the intent, but it worked out great for Amber. It made the plan for the book trailer easy and took an edge off the part where we've been dying to have a video for this song.

Music: Tied To My Chair (Single version) by Varnish


Peace Fire cover: a silhouette with a red flare in the middle, in front of and a large, round, metallic shape
Peace Fire is out 11 October!
Pre-order your Kindle edition here.
Sale price until 10 October



Strangers When We Meet

Best listened to via headphones.

In early 2016, Will Brooker asked if Amber would like to put together a cover of a David Bowie song to honour an artist they loved and to use in his forthcoming documentary. Because Jason also loves Bowie, he obviously had to be involved, meaning this isn't Varnish but includes Varnish. More thoughts on this.

Written by David Bowie
Vocals: Amber Bird, Will Brooker
Guitar: Joe Brooker, Jason Cope
Bass: Taylor McCarrey
Keyboard: Cat McCarrey
Drums: Euan Rodger
Mixing/production: Amber Bird, Joe Brooker
Additional engineering: Oliver Betts

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