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Electronic Press Kit

Bruise Me (official video) Lyrics

Amber and Jason
[Photo credit: aNdi pUzl] High Res
Amber singing
[Photo credit: Andrew Monko] High Res

Varnish on stage
[Photo credit: Scott Smith] High Res
Amber and Jason
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Songs about the hopes we cling to and the regrets that cling to us. Rooted in rain-soaked cities and dry mouths, Varnish want to stand by you when the lights go out and occasionally point out the stars.

Varnish are steeped in the influence of dark, jangled pop via post-punk UK music that was dressed to kill and to do it fabulously, as well as "pre-punk" New York City bands that set the stage for the modern and alternative rock scenes that came next. Music where confusion becomes clarity and the extremes of human emotion are separated by a precariously thin tightrope, all backlit by a beautiful dissonance.
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Amber on stage, holding her head
[Photo credit: Eric Frommer]
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Amber singing
[Photo credit: Andrew Monko]
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Each to Each album cover
[Cover art: Bird/Cope]
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