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The Band

Songs about the hopes we cling to and the regrets that cling to us. Rooted in rain-soaked cities and dry mouths, Varnish want to stand by you when the lights go out and occasionally point out the stars.

Rock/post-punk/garage pop band Varnish are pleased to announce the much-anticipated release of their Each to Each EP (released December 2014). Five true stories about imperfect, occasionally violently broken love and attempts at survival, each with at least a glimmer of the hope that pulled Amber through when she was in the middle of it. (Of course, sometimes, you have to squint to catch that glimmer...or give up just a little...)

Varnish are steeped in the influence of dark, jangled pop via post-punk UK music that was dressed to kill and to do it fabulously, as well as "pre-punk" New York City bands that set the stage for the modern and alternative rock scenes that came next. Music where confusion becomes clarity and the extremes of human emotion are separated by a precariously thin tightrope, all backlit by a beautiful dissonance. Though not derivative, they were raised on Bowie, sharpened by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and kept awake by Placebo and the Manic Street Preachers.

Live performances are thick with emotional authenticity and showcase the band's varied tastes. Sets are filled with songs that inhabit similar space but don't all sound the same. If you can't catch them live, you can rub up against the experience via their recordings. (They can't wait to tour so they can see fans, friends, and family all around the world and give everyone equal chance to be part of the in-person energy.)

Varnish is the creative child of Amber Bird, working with guitarist and close friend Jason Cope, as well as the brightest musical stars they can pull into their orbit. With a centre of gravity currently in Seattle, Varnish will be bringing their shine back to the other places they've called home and all the places you've called home as well.

With live shows that never disappoint and a much-anticipated EP finally released, it's obvious that Varnish are set for big things. Says Bird, "Seattle has enough great bands that we could spark a big scene again. And Varnish are happy to light some fires..."

If you'd like to add Varnish to your bill or tour, please contact them via email.

(Thanks to Robin Jax of RobinPlaysChords and Tin Angel Records for the words he contributed to the bio xxx)